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Using challenge-response to add the sender to the white list

How challenge-response works:

Sender sends an e-mail to one of your users

If XWall threats this message as spam it sends back a non-delivery report with an URL where the sender can add his/her e-mail address to the White List (this is the challenge part)

Sender connects to the URL and types in his/her e-mail address into the script form (this is the response part)

The script sends the sender a confirmation message which MUST be forwarded to XWall

XWall sees this message as a normal outgoing message and adds the e-mail address to the White List, the same way as every other outgoing e-mail address. (this of course assumes that automatic white list is enabled)

What you need to do:

Download the sample ASP script from here and copy it on your IIS.

The IIS on your Exchange server is the best, but you can use any IIS, as long as the SMTP service is installed and it is configured to forward all messages to XWall.

Open xwall_awl_final.asp with Notepad and locate the szFrom and replace the e-mail address with your address.

Also you may adjust the subject and text body to fit your needs.

Open the URL to xwall_awl.asp in your browser, type in some external address and press the Submit button.

Check the logfile of XWall to make sure XWall got the message and added the e-mail address to the white list.

Adjust the non-delivery message that XWall sends out so that the recipient get the URL of xwall_awl.asp.

Click here to learn how to do that.

In the case you get an error 500 from IIS see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 816789

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