XWall · The Mail Filter
Message Handling

Step A: Check if something in the messages is excluded
( e-mail address, IP address, hostname, subject, text or white list )

If so, proceed with step D

Step B: Evaluate all methods ( assuming the message is not excluded for that method ) and build a list of failed methods

Step C: Calculate which action of the failed methods of step B has the highest priority:

Method sorted by priority Subject tag Script shortcut
Address [e-mail] e-mail
IP/Host [ip] ip
DSN [dsn] dsn
Subject [subj] subj
Text [text] text
HTML [html] html
Attachment [att] att
Exploit [expl] expl
MS Office with Macro [msvba] msvba
MS Office with Password [offpass] offpass
MS Office with ext mismatch [offext] offext
Mailing List [maillist] maillist
CCS [ccs] ccs
Phishing [phishing] phishing
SaneSecurity [sanesec] sanesec
SLS/RBL [sls] sls
Country [cty] cty
Bayes [bayes] bayes
Heuristic [heur] heur
Header [hdr] hdr
BCC [bcc] bcc
Internal From [internal-from] internal-from
Faked From [faked-from] faked-from
Faked MX [mx] mx
FCrDNS [iprev] iprev
SPF [spf] spf
DKIM [dkim] dkim
GURBL [surbl] gurbl
SURBL [surbl] surbl
Image [img] img
Charset [charset] charset
Auto IP [auto-ip] auto-ip
Senderbase [senderbase] senderbase
Backscatter [backscatter] backscatter
Bitcoin [bitcoin] bitcoin
SecuriteInfo [secinfo] secinfo
MS Office with Macro [olevba] olevba
Community Rules [comrule] comrule
DisplayName From [dispf] dispf
DisplayName To [dispt] dispt
DisplayName CC [dispc] dispc
S/MIME [smime] smime
User Defined Method [udm] udm
Absolute Block [abs] abs

Action sorted by priority:

If the action is Discard message or Send a non-delivery report to the sender then proceed with step E, else proceed with step D

Step D: Scan the message for a virus.

If the message has no virus or there is no virus scanner available, then send the message to Exchange

Step E: Perform the action that was calculated in step C

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