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XWALLFilter - Exchange Junk-E-Mail Folder

XWALLFilter is an add-on to XWall, distributed by Lakewood Communications, which enhances XWall's capabilities in sites which use Microsoft Exchange Server. XWALLFilter provides XWall with native support for the Microsoft Exchange 2003 Antispam API and Junk-E-Mail folder.

Once installed, XWALLFilter directs any XWall marked messages (Special XWall RFC822 Header X-XWall-Spam) and routes such messages to each mailboxes Junk-E-Mail folder automatically.

This allows the network manager to configure one or all of the XWall actions as Mark subject and move to Junk E-Mail folder and let each user have final control over what is and what is not considered SPAM.

XWALLFilter pays attention to each Exchange 2003 mailbox SAFE SENDERS list (Can be accessed in either Outlook 2003 Tools->Options->Junk E-Mail or Outlook Web Access 2003->Options).

Any incoming e-mail from addresses on the mailbox SAFE SENDERS list is always placed in the INBOX and never placed in the user's JUNK E-MAIL folder. If the user finds good e-mail in the JUNK E-MAIL folder, he or she can simply right click on the e-mail in Outlook 2003 and select Junk E-mail->Mark not as Junk to have the address added to the mailbox SAFE SENDERS list and move the message back to Inbox in one simple operation.


XWALLFilter can be downloaded here


For install instructions see http://www.lakecomm.com/support

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