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MRTG Real-Time Statistic

XWall has an interface to collect real time statistic data that can be used to feed another program which then creates a graphic out of the data.

The state-of-the-art program for this purpose is MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).

MRTG generates HTML pages containing GIF images which provide a LIVE visual representation of XWall's data.

More info on MRTG at http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/

Below are some samples from a live XWall: a HP with 16 core, 4096MB RAM, that processes appx. 90000 messages a day.

Inbound and outbound SMTP messages per hour
Blocked and Spam messages per hour
Greylisting per hour
Inbound and outbound SMTP bytes
Inbound and outbound SMTP queue
Inbound and outbound Exchange queue
Inbound and outbound connection count
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